Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Post FDR Democrat Party

Wonder why the A*nti C*hrist L*overs U*nited haven't come out against the use of the phrase "with child"? You know its bound to churn their God-hating hearts to hear someone describe a woman carrying around a bit of fetal tissue as being "with child".

Wonder why there is so much noise about the war in Iraq and so much silence about all the babies being killed in the United States? There have been more babies killed in the United States since 1973 than there have been casualties in all of the wars in the history of the United States. I guess that the leftists think its ok to kill babies, but don't attack an Arab country. There have been 43 million babies killed in the U.S. since 1973. Last I heard, the death toll in Iraq was like just over 4,000. One thousand times more babies killed than soldiers and there's no outrage from the Democrat Party. Kinda makes you realize what the Democrat Party is all about, don't it? Its called DEATH. In any argument on any position on any subject, if DEATH is involved in any way, the Democrat Party will be in favor of the DEATH argument. 43 million is greater than 4,000 so the Democrat Party is in favor of killing babies but opposed to killing Arabs.

Why is the Democrat Party in favor of legalization of sodomy? Why does the Democrat Party think that sodomites should have special civil rights? Look for the DEATH and you'll find the answer. What has the legalization of sodomy accomplished? A drastic rise in cases of AIDS and HIV, right? And what does AIDS cause? DEATH, right? So....there's your answer. The Democrat Party is in favor of putting sodomites on a pedestal in the public square because by doing this, there will be more cases of AIDS...and (surprised?) more DEATH. So its a real no-brainer. Democrats favor death so there's no way they can't be pro-homosexual.

FACT: In any political question, if Death is involved in any way, the Democrat Party will ALWAYS come down on the death side.


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