Sunday, April 6, 2008

Separation of church & state

“Darwinism is popular as a story because it allows atheists not to have to explain why we’re here.” --- Ann Coulter

This “separation of church and state” bugaboo that is touted by the public education establishment is used only to exclude religions that this group disdains. The religion of Evolution will never be excluded nor will “separation of church and state” ever be mentioned as a reason not to teach the hellish and de-humanizing myth of evolution. In fact, the only religions that are excluded are those that maintain that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is the only way whereby Man may be saved. Celebrate Kwaanzaa all you want, teach yoga all you want, read about the Buddha all you want…these are all acceptable in the public schools of 2008. Mention Jesus Christ at all and if you are a teacher you will be suspended and if a student you will be sent home. It is past time for the Church of Sardis (which is the church that has the highest membership among American Christians) to wake up and refuse to send their children to public schools!


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