Friday, November 30, 2007

from the pen of Gordon Clark

"People who stress the goodness and love of God and fail to attend to God's righteousness and holiness cannot understand the death of Christ. These people so misunderstand love and goodness that they think God will not punish anybody. God is too good to let anyone perish, they say. Why then did Christ, God's son, have to suffer so? The explanation lies in God's perfect justice and righteousness. God defines sin by promulgating laws. He attached a terrible penalty to every infraction of the law."

"Modern man has lost his sense of justice. Sentimental compassion is expressed for the murderer, no one seems to care about the victim. This immoral theory is a result of disbelief in God, the holy and righteous God. Today, sociologists and penologists tend to minimize lawlessness. When a man is drunk, commits rape and murder or robs a bank, modern theorists call him "sick". He is to be rehabilitated, not punished."

This is apparently an American thing. We have more people in prison than any country in the world. I guess the rest of the world understands punishment? Americans don't want any part of punishment, they think that the only thing that makes you a criminal is getting caught. And since you didn't do anything wrong (no matter what you did) all you need is rehabilitation. Hence the need for so many large prisons. Death row is the most obvious example of this immoral theory. The only people on death row should be those awaiting appeal. Once appeal is heard, if they lose their appeal they should be summarily executed. Sitting on death row after you've lost your appeal is the most cruel and unusual punishment ever exacted upon a man.



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