Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ingredients of a liberal

The first necessary ingredient for a liberal is a belief in larger government. Particularly at the federal level. Liberals embrace an all-powerful, centralized government. Liberals oppose state's rights and a smaller, less centralized federal government. This is the foundational cornerstone of liberalism. The best example of a state where the ideals of liberalism were most completely realized was the Soviet Union. Liberals commemorate the ideals of the perfect liberal, Vladimir Lenin, by holding their Earth Day festival on his birthday every year. It is most appropriate that they call his birthday celebration “Earth Day” for liberalism can only survive if it is accepted by the whole earth. Whenever there is a competing ideology, liberalism will ultimately fail for any ideology is better than liberalism.

The second necessary ingredient for a liberal is a belief in foreign aid and foreign entanglements. American sovereignty is of little value to a true liberal. The liberal mandate is in favor of an invasive military empire. The current occupation of Iraq is just the latest example of a liberal ideology applied to foreign policy for liberals believe that real security is based on meddling in the affairs of other nations.

The third necessary ingredient is a belief in a "living Constitution". A liberal prefers to override the Constitution through legislation rather than amendment. The passage of the USA-Patriot Act established pretty firmly just how many liberals there are in Washington DC.

A fourth necessary ingredient to liberalism is a denigration of traditional values. Traditional values are constant reminders of the better days before 1917 when liberalism did not exist. Traditional values also serve as a reminder that a belief in the rule of law is a belief in the greater good. Since the liberal does not believe in rule of law (see third necessary ingredient) he must be opposed to anything that engenders belief in rule of law, such as traditional values. The liberal’s only use for traditional values would be in exploiting them for seizure of power. This is one of the main ingredients of the Republican Party’s liberalism: they are more interested in exploiting Christianity for the seizure of power than they are in protecting the religious rights of the individual.

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