Thursday, December 18, 2008

Inaugural invocation

To the question of “What do you think of Rick Warren delivering the invocation at Obama's inauguration?” Mr. Stoecker gets it completely right. I have yet to meet a liberal who is not a hater. Hate is always the main component of their argument. Ask them what’s wrong with George Bush and the answer you’ll get is: “I Hate Him”. This is why they are delusional. George Bush is the most perfect leftist to ever occupy the Oval Office but their delusion keeps the leftists from realizing this. Evangelical Christians are just as much delusional though: they think George Bush is a conservative!

The Delusional Leftists
Posted by stoecker on Dec 18, 2008 09:40

The anger many leftists and militant homosexuals have expressed at Obaminable's choice of Rick Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration is but the latest example of how deluded these people are. Warren is no conservative; it is doubtful that he is really even a Christian.
Leftists hated the "right wing" Richard Nixon, but Nixon was yet another tool of the Illuminati-dominated CFR, carrying out their incremental leftist agenda. He began the first moves toward recognizing Fascist China, and he federalized many welfare programs. They hated George I, but he carried the leftist agenda even further. They hated Ken Starr for "persecuting" Slick, but Starr deliberately focused on the least of Clinton's crimes: his Monica Lewinsky affair and resulting perjury, and the confusing Whitewater mess, where it was not clear whether the Clintons were perpetrators or victims. Starr ignored Slick's sale of technology to China and the mysterious deaths of Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Mary Mahoney, and many, many others. Starr, like most people prominent in government, was not what he pretended to be. And, of course, all leftists (and many of us patriots) hate George II, but he is a tax and spender and has left our borders open, hardly the deeds of a conservative.
Leftists, like their Muslim comrades, are never satisfied and basically hate everyone. But they should be happy and not worry, for the Anointed One will complete the enslavement and destruction of America that is so dear to their twisted black hearts.
William B Stoecker


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